What’s your name?

Tiarra but you can call me Tee if you want(:

What boy from MB do u like?

I love me some Rawc Roll.

Favorite Color?

Lime Green.

Any special talent?

I can go a whole day, everyday without giving a fuck ^.^

How old are you?


When’s your birthday?

May 23.

Your tumblr crush?


Where are you from?

My Moms vagina. 

Do you follow back?

If I like your blog then yes I will follow you back.

Mindless Behavior blog?

I reblog what I want whenever I want to.

Can we be friends?

Yaass, I love friends. Friends are good.

Single or Taken?

Currently Single, not even expecting someone to change this.

How many followers do you have?


Why are you so mean?

Wut? Im not “mean”. Im just blunt but you can ask anyone, im the nicest person you could possibly talk to(:

Do you answer back Privately & Answer Fan Mail?




Reasons you would unfollow someone?

I’ll unfollow you if you start to piss me off and get on my nerves or if I find out that you unfollowed me.

Also, I can see who unfollows me so don’t think you can follow me, get a follow back, and then UNfollow me. Nah boo boo. It don’t work like that.

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